Putting a form on your website

  • Created : 3 years ago
  • Last Updated: 3 years ago

This article assumes that you do not currently have a form on your website and shows you how to put a basic contact form on your website.

You need to::

  • Signup for our service
  • Log in to the User Panel
  • Copy the sample form code and paste it into your webpage

You can create an account for our service through the Signup link above (it only takes a moment). Once registered, log in to the User Panel. Here you will see a table containing your first form. Click on the "Sample Form Code" link. This will take you to a page containing sample form code for various different forms. The first form you will see here is a basic contact form (name, email, comments). Next to the form, you will see the code that you need to copy. Copy the code and paste it into your webpage. How you do this depends on your text editor or HTML editor, but typically you would open the file for the page you want the form on, then paste the sample form code into the page at the point where you want the form to appear. Save the webpage and upload it to your webspace. That's it! You will now have a basic contact form on your webpage, fully working through our service. By default, the form will send an email to the email address shown in the User Panel. This is the email address you entered when you registered. You can change this (and other form settings) in the edit configuration page of the form.